Unbelievable Encounter: Young Bigfoot Spotted Investigating Campsite at the 400 - Sasquatch ChroniclesAs a firm believer in the existence of Bigfoot, I am always on the lookout for new evidence to support my beliefs. Randy Harrington’s recent discovery of captured audio from an incident involving a possible Bigfoot visitor in their camp is truly intriguing. The fact that this occurred at 2 a.m. while they were away adds an element of mystery and excitement to the situation. I eagerly clicked on the link to watch the video and was not disappointed by what I heard. The sounds captured are unlike anything I have ever heard before, further solidifying my belief in the existence of Bigfoot. This is just another piece of the puzzle in the ongoing search for definitive proof of Bigfoot’s existence, and I am excited to see where this discovery leads.

Randy Harrington from the Sensible Bigfoot Project writes “Captured audio from an incident of a table visitor in our camp while we were gone at 2. a.m.”

Link to the video

Information from this post was sourced from: https://sasquatchchronicles.com/

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