Local Agency Attempts to Create Syrup from Sap - Bigfoot 99 RadioMaple syrup lovers in Wyoming have reason to celebrate as state and county agencies are exploring the potential of Box Elder trees to produce this sweet treat. With researchers from Utah State University receiving a grant to collect sap from Box Elder and Norway Maple trees, the study aims to determine the commercial viability of alternative maple syrup production. University of Wyoming Carbon County Extension Educator Abby Perry is leading the charge, tapping Box Elder trees outside the Rawlins Family Recreation Center to collect sap for syrup production. Despite the misconception that only Sugar Maples can produce quality syrup, Perry notes that Box Elder and Sugar Maple syrups are nearly indistinguishable, with the main difference being the sugar content of their sap. As the sap collecting season comes to a close, Perry is offering free taps and buckets for those interested in trying their hand at collecting their own Box Elder sap.As a serious bigfoot researcher, I find the idea of collecting sap from Box Elder trees to make maple syrup quite intriguing. The fact that researchers are exploring alternative maple syrup production methods, such as using Box Elders, shows a commitment to innovation in the industry. Abby Perry’s statement about the potential commercial viability of this project is particularly interesting, as it suggests that there may be untapped potential in using different tree species for syrup production.

In conclusion, the exploration of using Box Elder trees for syrup production opens up new possibilities in the maple syrup industry. As a serious researcher, I am excited to see how this project develops and whether it could lead to a profitable business venture. The potential for alternative sources of maple syrup is a fascinating area of study that could have significant implications for the industry as a whole.Information for this post was sourced from :%post_url%

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