Unveiling Sasquatch Secrets: Join Jim Myers in Tracking Signs of the Elusive Creature - Sasquatch ChroniclesAs a firm believer in the existence of Bigfoot, Jim Myers’ dedicated pursuit of evidence and research on the elusive sasquatch is truly commendable. The question of whether these creatures are human or extraterrestrial beings only adds to the mystery and intrigue surrounding Bigfoot. With countless reported sightings and signs of their presence in remote forested areas, it is clear that there is more to this phenomenon than meets the eye. By curating ongoing research at the Sasquatch Encounter Museum in Colorado, Jim is shedding light on the behavior of these elusive beings, allowing us to better understand and potentially even encounter them ourselves. The video linked here provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of Bigfoot research and the tireless efforts of individuals like Jim Myers to uncover the truth about these legendary creatures.

Gaia writes “Jim Myers has been following signs of the sasquatch, or bigfoot, across the continent. Are sasquatch human or ET beings? He examines the evidence of sasquatch presence in remote forest land, and the many reported sightings over the years.

We also visit the Sasquatch Encounter Museum in Colorado where Jim curates ongoing research on sasquatch to shed light on their behavior so we too can notice when they cross our paths.”

Link to the video

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