Shocking Encounter: Young Bigfoot Spotted Opening Cabin Door in the Kiamichi Mountains - Sasquatch ChroniclesAs a firm believer in the existence of Bigfoot, Randy Harrington’s account of Sean’s encounters with the elusive creature in Texas and Oklahoma is both fascinating and compelling. The fact that Sean not only had sightings in the dense forests of the Big Thicket but also experienced direct interactions with a young female juvenile Bigfoot near his cabin in the Kiamichis mountains adds credibility to his claims. The video linked further reinforces the idea that there may be more to these mysterious beings than skeptics are willing to admit. With each new sighting and encounter, the case for Bigfoot’s existence only grows stronger, and it’s important to take these accounts seriously and continue to investigate this intriguing phenomenon.

Randy Harrington writes “Sean, had bigfoot sightings in the big thicket of Texas, and later bought 5 acres in the mountains of the Kiamichis in Oklahoma, Bigfoot activity around his cabin, even to the point of a young female juvenile opening the cabin door one night.”

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