Eerie Bigfoot Howls Recorded Near East Fork Lake Spark InvestigationIn a secluded area near East Fork Lake, strange howls were recorded by a witness who is familiar with the local environment. The witness, who frequently house sits in the area, captured the eerie sounds on video. The audio was analyzed by specialists who ruled out common animal species as the source.

The witness and a cryptozoologist visited the property to investigate further, finding no signs of livestock that could explain the sounds. The witness also reported other odd events on the property, including seeing a dark figure and hearing knocking sounds. The witness will continue to monitor the area for any unusual activity, even though the property has been sold.

The location of these mysterious sounds is in an area known for sasquatch sightings and is close to the Ohio River. The abundance of deer in the fields surrounding the property could attract bigfoots in search of food. The source of the howls was determined to be within the East Fork Wildlife area, near the Buckeye Trail.

The recording of the howls was enhanced by a BFRO sound specialist and can be heard in the YouTube clip provided. This incident adds to a pattern of bigfoot activity within a few miles of the Buckeye Trail, suggesting that these elusive creatures may use the trail to move between feeding areas.

LOCATION DETAILS: [Investigator (MM) notes:
Per the request of the witness, we will not show the address for the property where the recording was made, but we can indicate the rough zone. The zone is about a mile and a half east of East Fork Lake, between Twin Bridges Road and Concord Hennings Mills Road, and west of SR 133. It is also due south of East Fork Wilderness Area. See map graphics below. The map pin shows where the sounds were likely coming from, not where the recorder was positioned.]

OBSERVED: Strange loud howls(?) heard about 20 minutes before sunset and later just around sunset. I recorded the one around sunset. Recording made at 8:13pm on Thursday, September 16.

I’ve never heard this before or since. There is a dog barking in the yard at the sound, but the strange sound is further away.

I have the audio file.

OTHER STORIES: I submitted a report in November 2015 of hearing a wood knock from woods around sunset. I waited a minute or two and did a loud whoop. About 15-20 seconds later a return whoop was heard in the woods.

[The report mentioned is posted in the public BFRO database for Clermont County. Look for Report # 56346 (Class B), November 2015 with caption “Possible activity at a home south of Williamsburg”]

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded, corn/soybean fields.

After doing an initial interview with the witness over the phone, we made an appointment to meet and visit the location. She does house sitting there. She does this frequently for the owner of the property. She lives around 9 miles away from the location, so she is familiar with the local area and environment.

We spent around two hours talking and walking around the property. The property location is not far from East Fork State Park. It is surrounded by woods, rolling fields and farm land. There is no livestock in the vicinity.

We scoured the area looking for cows etc. The density of the woods around the property would likely inhibit any livestock sounds from being heard from a long long distance, especially when there are leaves still on the trees.

The night the recorded vocalization took place was clear, with no rain. The temperatures were in the 70’s-80’s.

The witness heard an initial howl coming from the north/north-east of the property. She estimated its location to be around 3/4 of a mile, or less, from the house.

When she heard subsequent vocalizations she took out her cell phone and captured the recording on video. The audio was reviewed by animal sound specialists known to the BFRO. They ruled out common known species such as cows and dogs.

When she played the recording for the owner upon her return, the owner commented, “What in the helll was that?!” She had never heard those types of sounds before.

The property owner has owned, and lived on, the property for many years. She told the witness she has heard odd knocking sounds before, but not howls.

On a side note, the owner previously had a nice sized fenced-in yard around the house, for her dogs. For unknown reasons the owner extended the fence line quite a bit further away from the house. The witness had the impression she may have done to keep anything from getting too close to her house.

The witness noticed other odd events around this property while house sitting, to include seeing a dark figure moving across the property one evening (see Clermont County Report #56346 ; November 2015). She also stated her elderly mother made an odd comment to her one time while visiting…the mother said she saw a person wearing a big fur coat standing out in the woods to the north of the house.

The witness thought her mother may have just imagined it, but after experiencing other events on the property, she thought the mother’s comment may be of relevence to note here.

The witness and I made arrangements for her to notify me if any other odd events take place while she is house sitting in the future. Unfortunately the owner recently sold the property, but as the witness still lives fairly close, she will still be taking note of any sounds that seems out of the ordinary around there.

East Fork State Park area has a history of sasquatch sightings and sounds. See the list of reports for Clermont County.

This area is less than 10 miles from the Ohio River. The terrain is a patchwork of fields among forest. The fields do not make the area less suitable for bigfoots. On the contrary, the fields boost the deer population and make it easier for bigfoots to keep tabs on the deer herds (their food). There is a tremendous abundance of deer in this area.

The sounds were definitely coming from within the East Fork Wildlife area. Therefore the source was within a few hundred feet of the Buckeye Trail.

The YouTube clip below contains the recording. The original recording was enhanced by the BFRO’s sound specialist, who goes by the handle “Monongahela”.


There is a pattern of bigfoot incidents occurring within 2 miles of Ohio’s Buckeye trail. This is one of them. Bigfoots may be using that trail when they need to relocate to different feeding areas.

You can read the full report here:

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