Unveiling the Enigmatic Native Bigfoot: Unforgettable Encounters on Sasquatch ChroniclesAs a firm believer in Bigfoot, I take the subject very seriously and am always eager to explore different perspectives and theories surrounding this elusive creature. In a recent video by TREY the Explainer, he delves into the beliefs of the Yokuts, a Native American tribe, regarding the Hairy Man. It is important to note that the Yokuts do not view the Hairy Man as ape-like or Sasquatch-like creatures, but rather as a tribe of spiritual people with the ability to walk in both the spirit and physical realms. They possess transformative powers, the gift of speech, and healing abilities. This insight challenges the common perception of Bigfoot and highlights the need for a more nuanced understanding of this mysterious phenomenon. Check out the video to delve deeper into the fascinating beliefs surrounding the Hairy Man.

TREY the Explainer writes “I do want to clarify that the beliefs held by the Yokuts that I present in this video are little simplified. After several conversations with the representative, they further explained to me that the Yokuts believe that the Hairy Man is a tribe of people, a tribe of spiritual people that can walk in both worlds: in the spirit and in flesh-and-blood.

They are endowed with the abilities to transform, speak, and heal. The Yokuts explicitly do NOT believe them to be ape-like/Sasquatch-like creatures. The interpretation of the Hairy Man held by Bigfooters is simply incorrect and does not reflect the actual beliefs of the Yokuts.”

Check out the video here

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