Unveiling the Mysterious SheSquatchers: Bigfoot, Paranormal Encounters, and Ed Brown's Strange LightsEd Brown is a dedicated researcher who has spent countless hours searching for the legendary creature known as Bigfoot. His passion for this elusive creature has taken him to some of the most famous locations associated with paranormal activity, including the Amityville Horror House, Area 51, the Roswell crash site, and Skinwalker Ranch. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Ed hosted a popular podcast where he interviewed renowned experts in the field of Cryptid research. Recently, he has expanded his exploration into the world of the paranormal, hoping to uncover answers in this fascinating genre as well. If you’re intrigued by the mysteries surrounding Bigfoot, be sure to check out Ed’s captivating interview on THE JOURNEY Radio Show.

SheSquatchers writes “We welcome Ed Brown to THE JOURNEY Radio Show. Ed Brown has traveled the country in search of the elusive creature known as Bigfoot, he has traveled to well known locations such as The Amityville Horror House, Area 51, the Roswell crash site, and the gates of Skinwalker Ranch. And many more! Ed hosted the popular podcast “Sit Down With Ed Brown” where he interviewed some of the most popular names in the Cryptid research field. He has been delving into the world of the paranormal of late, hoping to find answers in this genre as well.”

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