WYOWARN Membership Under Consideration by Medicine Bow CouncilIn a recent Medicine Bow town council meeting, Public Works Director Brian Lashley proposed the idea of joining WYOWARN, the Wyoming Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network. WYOWARN is a mutual aid agreement where municipalities provide labor and equipment to each other in the event of an emergency. With over 50 towns, cities, and agencies already members of WYOWARN, the council discussed the benefits and concerns of joining. This blog post will explore the advantages of joining WYOWARN and how it can benefit the town of Medicine Bow.

The town of Medicine Bow is considering joining WYOWARN, a mutual aid agreement that allows municipalities to share water system equipment. Public Works Director Brian Lashley brought up the possibility during a town council meeting, stating that the service is free and wondering why the town wasn’t already a member. Maintenance Operator Frank Fisher explained the benefits of the agreement, despite previous concerns about exploitation. He said, “Through the mutual aid agreement, we can share parts and equipment, ensuring that we have access to resources from across the state.”

During a subsequent council meeting, WYOWARN Regional Co-Chair Michelle Christopher addressed the council’s concerns about equipment repair. She assured them that the borrowing municipality would be responsible for any repairs unless the equipment was faulty to begin with. Christopher shared her own positive experience with WYOWARN, stating that as a former public works director, she was able to quickly obtain a replacement part through the mutual aid agreement. Town Attorney Cameron Smith reviewed the agreement and found no legal issues, advising the town to engage in further discussions with WYOWARN before signing the contract.

In conclusion, joining WYOWARN would provide Medicine Bow with access to a network of resources and support in the event of an emergency. The town’s consideration of this mutual aid agreement demonstrates their commitment to preparedness and cooperation with other municipalities in Wyoming.

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