Bigfoot, the elusive creature of the wilderness, continues to captivate the minds of believers and skeptics alike. In a recent video shared by YouTuber Bob Gymlan, he claims to have come across one of the creepiest Bigfoot encounters ever recorded. The incident allegedly took place in the remote wilderness of Montana, near the border with Idaho. While the encounter ends abruptly, Gymlan’s own illness prevents him from fully exploring the mystery. For those who take the subject seriously, this video offers another piece of evidence that supports the existence of Bigfoot and leaves us yearning for more answers.

YouTuber Bob Gymlan writes “As mentioned in the title, this is arguably the creepiest bigfoot encounter I’ve ever heard tell of. It takes place in Montana, on the border with Idaho.

It ends rather abruptly, but I got unreasonably sick. I wanted to wait until I got better to finish it, but that hasn’t happened yet. So I’ll likely sneak the rest in somewhere, some time.”

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