The sighting described by the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization is just one of many encounters that have sparked intrigue and curiosity about the existence of Bigfoot. While skeptics may dismiss these accounts as mere folklore or hoaxes, there are those who take the subject seriously and believe that there is more to this elusive creature than meets the eye. The detailed description provided by the witnesses, along with the lack of physical evidence such as tracks or broken branches, adds an air of authenticity to their story. For those who believe in Bigfoot, these encounters serve as compelling evidence that there may be a hidden species lurking in the depths of the wilderness.

Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “Witness interview of a female bigfoot seen running very fast by two witnesses who stopped and took a break from their horseback ride. Only 40 yards away, reddish-brown, not huge, maybe 7 foot tall, very wide shoulders, very long arms, long strides and breasts. Uncle knew a family of Bigfoots lived up there and told Dave to leave them alone. No tracks or broken branches noticed.”

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