In this blog post, we will be exploring the story behind Bigfoot Treasure, a unique gift shop located in downtown Chehalis, Washington. Owned by Mitch Moberg, the store offers a wide variety of hard-to-find and unique items, including cryptid- and paranormal-themed merchandise. With the recent renaming and a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Moberg celebrates 14 years of success in the community. We’ll delve into the inspiration behind the name, the support from the local community, and the fascinating products available at Bigfoot Treasure.As a serious bigfoot researcher who firmly believes in the subject, I find it fascinating to come across businesses like Bigfoot Treasure in downtown Chehalis. The store offers a wide variety of hard-to-find and unique items related to cryptids and the paranormal, including clothes, magnets, stickers, and even bacon-flavored candy canes. According to Mitch Moberg, the owner of Bigfoot Treasure, the store aims to cater to all interests and desires of its customers. He stated, “Bigfoot Treasure can be whatever you want it to be, that’s how it started… We wanted something that we could make it whatever you wanted, and if you look around the store you can see we have a little bit of everything.” This dedication to providing a diverse range of products is commendable and shows the owner’s commitment to the bigfoot lore.

It is interesting to note that Moberg chose the name Bigfoot Treasure due to the creature’s lore in Southwest Washington. While he hasn’t personally had a sighting of the elusive creature, he acknowledges that spending time in the woods adds an extra level of intrigue to hiking. As a fellow researcher, I can relate to this sentiment. The supportive community in downtown Chehalis has played a significant role in the success of Bigfoot Treasure. Moberg mentioned how businesses and customers welcomed him with open arms when he first opened his store, offering guidance and mentorship. This sense of camaraderie among downtown business owners is admirable and highlights the collaborative nature of the community.

In conclusion, Bigfoot Treasure in Chehalis serves as an intriguing hub for those interested in the world of bigfoot and the paranormal. With its diverse range of products and the owner’s commitment to customer satisfaction, it provides a unique experience for enthusiasts like myself. The supportive community and the lore surrounding bigfoot in Southwest Washington further add to the allure of this establishment. Whether one is a believer or not, Bigfoot Treasure offers an opportunity to explore and engage with the fascinating world of cryptids.

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