In the world of horror movies, there’s always room for another terrifying creature. And in the upcoming film Savage: The Bigfoot Legend…Lives, audiences will be introduced to a bloodthirsty beast that was better left undiscovered. Directed by Jordan Blum and starring Martin Kove, Lisa Wilcox, and Tony Becker, this sasquatch horror will be released on various digital platforms on November 28th, 2023. As a blazing fire forces animals out of their habitat in Bear Valley National Park, the forest rangers, scientists, and others must now contend with the wrath of Bigfoot on a rampage. Get ready for a thrilling and chilling ride with Savage: The Bigfoot Legend…Lives.As a serious bigfoot researcher, I am excited to learn about the upcoming release of Savage: The Bigfoot Legend…Lives on digital platforms. This sasquatch horror film, directed by Jordan Blum, explores the terrifying consequences of a blazing fire in Bear Valley National Park. As the firefighters battle the flames, the animals, including Bigfoot, are forced out of their habitat. This film promises to capture the essence of the elusive creature and the danger it poses to both humans and its own survival.

Martin Kove, known for his roles in Karate Kid and Cobra Kai, stars in this thrilling movie alongside Lisa Wilcox, who played “Alice” in A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. With such talented actors and a gripping storyline, Savage: The Bigfoot Legend…Lives is sure to captivate audiences and shed light on the ongoing mystery of Bigfoot.

In conclusion, this film offers an exciting opportunity for both enthusiasts and skeptics to delve into the world of Bigfoot and experience the thrill of the hunt. Whether you believe in the existence of this legendary creature or not, Savage: The Bigfoot Legend…Lives promises to deliver an entertaining and suspenseful cinematic experience.Information for this post was sourced from :%post_url%

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