As a firm believer in the existence of Bigfoot, I am always thrilled to come across new stories and encounters that further validate my belief. This week’s paranormal episode, featuring Dave from Pennsylvania, has truly captivated my attention. Dave shares his firsthand experiences with Bigfoot, along with other intriguing encounters. The fact that this episode is nearly two hours long only adds to my excitement, as it promises to delve deep into the subject matter. I am grateful that the creators of this episode have made it available on their Patreon page, allowing members at the tier 2 level and above to access it. This extended version, along with the bonus mini-episode, is sure to provide a wealth of information and insights into the mysterious world of Bigfoot. I cannot wait to tune in and explore these fascinating accounts.

From The Shadows writes “Dave from Pennsylvania shares some amazing stories of his Bigfoot encounters and other experiences and so we’ve made a **special, nearly-2-hour EXTENDED** of this week’s paranormal episode is available on our Patreon page to members at the tier 2 level and above, along with a bonus mini-episode. As always, thanks for tuning in!”

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