In October 1983-84, a group of friends had a chilling encounter that they will never forget. While driving down a desolate road in Walkerville, Michigan, they decided to make a pit stop for a bathroom break. Little did they know that this innocent act would lead them to come face to face with a creature that defied all explanation – a Bigfoot. As they were relieving themselves, they noticed a shadow in front of their truck, assuming it was their friend Randy. However, when they looked up, they were met with the sight of a towering, white, shaggy Bigfoot walking across the road. The three friends were overcome with fear and quickly retreated to the safety of their truck. This encounter, which occurred over 39 years ago, still haunts them to this day. Despite the skepticism and teasing they have faced when sharing their story, they remain steadfast in their belief that Bigfoot truly exists.

A listener writes “About October 1983-84, It was a Friday evening, sister Lisa, her fiance Randy & myself went out, we lived in a small town. Nothing to do. So the normal thing to do was ride the back roads & have our beer.

We went down Pebawma road, it was a road with no houses & hardly ever traveled. We had to stop for a pee stop, Randy went into the woods on drivers side, Lisa and I went behind the pickup on passenger side. We saw a shadow in front of truck, we both thought it was Randy, we looked up….& was shocked-scared shitless.

It was a tall white shaggy Bigfoot walking on an angle across the road. We pulled our pants up & ran in the truck, Randy came running to truck. We all were shocked asking WTH was that?? We could not get out of there fast enough.

This thing was like at least 7-8ft tall. Not in a hurry. Walked in front of truck with the head lights on, did not seem startled or afraid of us. It looked white with dirty shaggy clumpy hair its arms were very long & hung forward.

This has been over 39 years ago, & to this day the 3 of us know exactly what we saw & swear to it. We have all gotten teased about it when telling our story. But I- we know they (Bigfoot) really are out there.

I should also say I am from a family of 12 & lived on 45 acre farm, been in the woods my entire life & have never seen anything like this before or never again. This took place in Walkerville Michigan over by Pebawma Lake.”

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