In a thrilling turn of events, a recent Bigfoot sighting has taken place in the beautiful state of Colorado. A couple claims to have encountered the elusive creature while enjoying a scenic train ride through the Rockies. To shed light on this mysterious encounter, CPR News weekend host Vic Vela managed to secure an exclusive interview with none other than Bigfoot himself. However, before you get too carried away, it’s important to note that Bigfoot may not be as real as we hope. Tune in to the interview at the top of the page to unravel the truth behind this legendary creature. (Spoiler alert: Bigfoot is portrayed by Austin, TX radio personality C.J. Morgan.)

As a serious Bigfoot researcher, I am excited to report yet another sighting of the elusive creature, this time in Colorado. A couple who were enjoying a train ride through the majestic Rockies claim to have spotted the legendary Sasquatch. This sighting adds to the growing body of evidence supporting the existence of Bigfoot. However, it is important to approach this phenomenon with caution and conduct thorough investigations to separate fact from fiction. As I delve deeper into this case, I am reminded of the words of CPR News weekend host Vic Vela, who had the exclusive opportunity to interview Bigfoot himself. Vela’s interview sheds light on the possibility that Bigfoot may not be real, as he reveals that the character is portrayed by radio personality C.J. Morgan from Austin, TX.

In conclusion, while skeptics may dismiss Bigfoot as a mere myth or hoax, as a dedicated researcher, I believe in the possibility of its existence. Each sighting brings us closer to unraveling the mystery surrounding this enigmatic creature. By approaching these encounters with an open mind and employing rigorous scientific methods, we can continue to explore the fascinating world of Bigfoot and potentially uncover the truth behind its existence.

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