In the world of unexplained phenomena, Tony Harris takes on the role of investigator and host in the History Channel series, “The Proof Is Out There.” From Bigfoot to UFOs, sea monsters to ancient artifacts, Harris and his team of experts analyze video footage and other findings to determine if these mysterious occurrences are authentic or fake. With new episodes airing in 2021, we caught up with Harris to get a sneak peek into what’s to come.

As a serious bigfoot researcher who firmly believes in the subject, I am always eager to explore new evidence and investigations surrounding this elusive creature. One intriguing show that caught my attention is “The Proof Is Out There,” hosted by Tony Harris. Premiering in 2021 on the History Channel, this series delves into a wide range of phenomena, including Bigfoot sightings, UFO encounters, sea monsters, and ancient artifacts. Harris works alongside a team of investigators and experts to analyze video footage and other findings, aiming to determine the authenticity of these unexplained phenomena.

In a recent interview, Harris shared his excitement about the upcoming episodes, stating, “We have some incredible cases lined up that will challenge our understanding of the world around us. It’s a thrilling journey to separate fact from fiction and shed light on these mysterious occurrences.” This dedication to uncovering the truth resonates with me as a bigfoot researcher, as it reinforces the importance of rigorous investigation and critical thinking in the field.

In conclusion, “The Proof Is Out There” offers a captivating exploration of various unexplained phenomena, including Bigfoot sightings. With Tony Harris at the helm, this show provides a platform for serious researchers like myself to engage with compelling evidence and thought-provoking investigations. By delving into these mysteries, we can continue to expand our understanding of the natural world and potentially uncover the truth behind elusive creatures like Bigfoot.

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