As a firm believer in the existence of Bigfoot, stories like this only further validate my belief. This account from a listener describes a terrifying encounter with an unknown creature in the woods near Lake of the Ozarks. The witness and her children were subjected to a relentless assault on their trailer, with something pounding on it for over an hour. The aftermath revealed large prints and a bent-in front door, leaving no doubt that something powerful and unexplainable had targeted them. The fact that this encounter remained a secret for so many years, only to be corroborated by another family member, adds credibility to the story. It’s experiences like these that remind us that there is still so much we don’t know about the world around us, and that creatures like Bigfoot may very well exist.

A listener writes “I was a divorced 26 year old (71now) mother of 2 children ages 5 and 8 years old. My mother purchased approx 180 acres of wooded land 5 miles from Camdenton, Mo (Lake of the Ozarks )All dirt roads and only 1 house other than us at the end of our lake road.

I had worked hard and used my 5 acres as collateral to build a home for my family. It was summer and 2 young boy cousins from Illinois were staying with me and my children for a week. While our little home was being framed in me and 4 children were staying in a small 1 bedroom trailer. Nothing but woods close to the home site. This of course was before cell phones and I had no phone.

It had just turned dark and all the kids had pjs on. Out of nowhere something started hitting raming the trailer so hard. Some sounded like boulders. It rocked. The children were crying. I was in shock. We all huddled together in the bed. Nothing absolutely nothing I could do. This lasted over an hour or more. Now morning. Oh boy. The front door had been bent in Concave. There were large prints around the trailer. I told NO ONE other than my mother.

This was mine and the children’s secret until about 45 years later. At a family wedding I was talking to one of the then little boy cousins who is in his 50s now. He said Auntie do you remember??? My daughter who is 50 now also remembers vividly.”

The witness described seeing the creature on another occasion but did not go into details.

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