In a significant move for the diabetes care industry, Abbott has announced its acquisition of Bigfoot Biomedical, a company known for its innovative connected diabetes solutions. The deal, set to close in the third quarter, will bring together two leaders in different aspects of diabetes care: continuous glucose monitoring and insulin dosing support. This partnership aims to further develop connected solutions for personalized and precise diabetes management. Bigfoot Biomedical, previously selected as the readers’ choice for Medtech Company of the Year, has already made waves with its smart insulin management system, Bigfoot Unity, which features FDA-cleared connected insulin pen caps. With Abbott’s expertise and resources, the collaboration is expected to accelerate the adoption of the Unity system and drive advancements in the automated insulin delivery market.

As a serious Bigfoot researcher, I am excited to learn about the recent acquisition of Bigfoot Biomedical by Abbott. This partnership between two leaders in diabetes care will undoubtedly lead to the development of innovative connected solutions for managing diabetes. The integration of continuous glucose monitoring and insulin dosing support will make diabetes management even more personal and precise. I believe this acquisition is a vote of confidence in the future need for insulin and signifies the importance of advancing technology in the field of diabetes care.

In addition to their existing collaboration, Abbott and Bigfoot have been working on the Bigfoot Unity system, which combines Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre technology with a smart insulin management system. This system provides insulin dosing recommendations based on integrated continuous glucose monitoring data, helping individuals with diabetes know how much insulin to take. The recent real-world studies presented at the American Diabetes Association conference showed improved glycemic control in patients using Bigfoot Unity, further validating the effectiveness of this technology.

The acquisition announcement also aligns with the growing interest and activity in the automated insulin delivery market. With companies like Beta Bionics raising significant funding and Medtronic’s diabetes business experiencing a turnaround, it is clear that there is a demand for advanced solutions in this field. This acquisition not only strengthens Abbott’s position in the market but also highlights the potential for further advancements in automated insulin delivery technology.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Bigfoot Biomedical by Abbott marks an important milestone in the development of connected solutions for diabetes management. As a serious Bigfoot researcher, I am optimistic about the future advancements that will arise from this partnership and the positive impact it will have on individuals living with diabetes.

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