In the small town of Brantley, Alabama, a mysterious creature known as Sasquatch once caused quite a stir. In the mid-1970s, there were whispers and sightings of a large creature lurking in the area, but no one wanted to acknowledge it. That is until artist Eugene Hendrick decided to play a prank by creating fake tracks and claw marks. Fast forward to present day, and the prank has turned into a booming business for Brantley’s Old Gin Creek Country Store, thanks to the infamous Sasquatch Burger. This blog post explores the fascinating story behind the Brantley Bigfoot scare and how it has become a local legend and landmark.

In the mid-1970s, rumors of a large creature in Brantley, Alabama began circulating, but people were hesitant to discuss it openly. However, one individual, Eugene Hendrick, decided to play a prank by creating fake Sasquatch tracks and claw marks. The tracks were so convincing that even longtime resident Jimmy McGinty was taken aback when he stumbled upon them. Eventually, the police got involved, prompting Hendrick to put an end to his Operation Bigfoot. It wasn’t until 2017 that Hendrick revealed the truth about his prank. This revelation coincided with the opening of the Old Gin Creek Country Store, owned by Hunter Royal, who wanted to serve a Sasquatch Burger. The store now embraces the Bigfoot legend, selling merchandise and even displaying a 3,500-pound concrete Sasquatch statue. Despite the playful nature of this story, it raises the question: could there be a real Bigfoot in Crenshaw County?

In the world of Bigfoot research, stories like the one from Brantley, Alabama are not uncommon. Pranks and hoaxes often muddy the waters and make it difficult to separate fact from fiction. However, as serious researchers, we must remain open-minded and consider all possibilities. While it is easy to dismiss the Brantley incident as a simple prank, it is important to remember that hoaxes can sometimes be born out of genuine encounters or beliefs. As Jimmy McGinty aptly puts it, “Sasquatch does exist in Brantley, Alabama.”

The presence of a concrete Sasquatch statue in the town may seem whimsical, but it serves as a reminder that the search for Bigfoot continues. Whether or not there is a real creature lurking in Crenshaw County remains to be seen. Until then, we must approach these stories with both skepticism and curiosity, always striving to uncover the truth behind the legends. The Brantley incident serves as a reminder that even in the realm of Bigfoot research, surprises can arise, and it is our duty to investigate them with an open mind.

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