As a believer in Bigfoot, I take the subject very seriously. I have always been fascinated by the idea of this elusive creature, and my interest was sparked at a young age by my father, who is also a believer. Growing up in Alaska, where there have been numerous sightings and encounters, only fueled my curiosity further. I have had my own experiences that have solidified my belief in Bigfoot’s existence. From hearing mysterious noises in the woods to witnessing strange lights in the sky, these encounters have left me convinced that there is something out there. I am excited to share my stories and discuss the evidence that supports the existence of Bigfoot with others who share my passion for this topic.

A listener writes ” I am from Alaska! I was born and raised here, and I have a family of 6; me, my wife and 4 children. First of all I want to thank you for your podcast, it makes long drives and quiet days so easy to get through! Anyhow, I absolutely love your show! My wife & children love it as well! My youngest daughter Jaenah (6yo), pronounces your show as ScratchScrotch Chronicles, I thought that was funny and adorable lol.

My youngest son (4yo), since he was 2 was fascinated by the thought of Bigfoot, and has always made whoops into the woods whenever we went out camping or had family outings haha. Anyways, my dad is a big believer in Bigfoot, and growing up has always entertained the idea with me and my siblings.

He is an Alaskan native artist, and we would travel a lot to make some sales. I don’t remember my exact age, but I’m guessing I was about 12 at the time; we took a trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks AK, and we got about halfway there, and pulled off next to a river to camp out and build a bonfire for some hotdogs. Anyways, it was summertime, and it was getting pretty late and dark out, me my dad and brothers(5 of them), were sitting around the campfire, and just talking and having a good time, and we were getting ready to put the fire out to go to bed.

Then all of a sudden we hear this very loud plump in the water! I remember distinctly the sound, it sounded like a large rock was thrown into the river! We all whipped our heads towards the river and were sorta confused. And my dad says, be quiet, there’s a Bigfoot around. We didn’t hear anything other than that, I’m guessing it was because the size and level of noise the river made. I was very curious, I had brought my little BB gun with me, and I had this great idea, and started shooting bb’s across the river towards the embankment lol.

Thinking back now, that probably wasn’t the smartest idea. Nothing else happened that night & we slept and went on our way the next day. Fast forward, when I was about 20,21yo(I’m 30 now). Me my wife and family took a trip to Fairbanks AK to visit some family, and on our way back, we traveled in separate vehicles. I went ahead of my parents with my wife and a few of my siblings. We were roughly 80 miles ahead of my parents, and it was gonna be a very late night drive, we were about 2 hours into the drive, which Would put us about an hour passed Nenana Ak; it was night time, and a very clear night. I don’t remember the exact time, but I’m guessing it was around 10-10:30 pm. I was driving and everyone started to doze off, and I was focused on the road, and noticed a bright glowing red light hovering towards my left at about 10 o’clock, I kept glancing over at it wondering what it was. It looked like a huge ball of fire! And I’m thinking this thing was probably about 30-40 miles away in the middle of nowhere and hovering maybe 1-2 miles high. At first I thought maybe it was an airplane with its spotlight on getting ready to land, and then all of a sudden, this thing started moving rapidly to the right probably to my 11:30 o’clock position, it happened so fast, it had to have been less than a second, and it started to kinda dance back and forth rapidly, it did this maybe 3-4 times and then just basically disappeared! I was very excited and knew this was no plane, and I quickly grabbed my phone to call my parents and tell them what I just saw. And before I could even dial their number, my mom was calling me! And she was all hyped up and asked,”Jeromy! Did you see that UFO?!”, and I said, “Yeah! I was just about to call you and ask if you all saw it too!”. It was a very cool experience, and the drive home was like a dream just thinking about it lol. Ok, so I’m married and have been for 10 years now going on 11. Me and my wife and children live in Eagle River, it’s a small town just outside of Anchorage. I work in the oil field and was on rotation at the time working, and it was late, I was just falling asleep, and my phone started ringing. I picked up my phone and it was my wife;

I answered right away thinking it might have been an emergency.
I said,”Hello?”.
(My Wife),” I think I just saw a bigfoot”.
(Me),”Really?? Where??”
(My Wife),” On my way home from your parents on Eagle River loop rd”.

I hope my wife doesn’t mind me telling you this story, it’s an amazing story and I would love to tell you the rest and give you details over the phone.
She seen it clearly and it’s behavior on the side of the road is extremely interesting and I haven’t heard anything else too similar to how this thing behaved.”

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