Believers in the existence of Bigfoot have long been fascinated by the elusive creature and its mysterious presence in the wilderness. Squatch Watchers, a dedicated team of researchers, takes the subject seriously as they embark on a thrilling expedition in North Carolina. Armed with their own encounters and a plethora of questionable objects and structures found along the trails, David and Tate are determined to uncover the truth. In their latest endeavor, they employ the use of Bigfoot audio recordings from around the world, hoping to lure these cryptid creatures closer. With each adventure into the unknown, Squatch Watchers brings us one step closer to unraveling the enigma that is Bigfoot. Join them now as they delve deeper into the wilderness, seeking answers that have eluded us for centuries.

Squatch Watchers writes “The search for Sasquatch continues with David and Tate as they travel across a desolate mountain in North Carolina investigating reports and their own encounters with Bigfoot. As they find numerous questionable and odd objects/structures along the trails, they decide to try to bait the Cryptid creatures in with recordings of Bigfoot audio recorded around the world with a bluetooth speaker. What will their adventure into the unknown researching the unknown conclude with this time? Find out now!”

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