The search for Bigfoot continues to captivate the minds of many, and the latest sighting in Sussex County, New Jersey has only added fuel to the fire. In a recent post, Sussex County Bigfoot recounts the thrilling adventure of Mike and Jill as they embark on a night hike in the old Mt. Paul Property. Located between Sparta Mountain WMA and Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, this area has long been rumored to be a hotspot for Bigfoot activity. The accompanying video footage only serves to heighten the intrigue surrounding this elusive creature. For those who take the subject seriously, this sighting offers yet another piece of evidence supporting the existence of Bigfoot.

Sussex County Bigfoot writes “Mike and Jill travel to the old Mt. Paul Property, in between Sparta Mountain WMA and Mahlon Dickerson Reservation in Jefferson, New Jersey for a bigfoot night hike.”

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