Unveiling Texas' Mysterious Beasts: Bigfoot and Dogman Stories on From The Shadows Podcast

Believers in the existence of Bigfoot often face skepticism and ridicule from skeptics who dismiss the idea as nothing more than a myth or a hoax. However, there are those who take the subject seriously and dedicate their time and efforts to researching and documenting evidence of this elusive creature. Rod Nichols, a member of the Bexar County Bigfoot Research Project, is one such individual. For years, he has been investigating Bigfoot sightings in and around San Antonio, Texas, and has amassed a collection of possible Bigfoot evidence. Recently, he even stumbled upon a trackway that may belong to the mysterious Dogman. Rod’s dedication to his research can be seen through his Instagram page, Bear County Bigfoot, where he shares updates and findings. To those who believe, Rod’s work is a valuable contribution to the ongoing quest to unravel the mystery of Bigfoot.

From The Shadows writes “This week, we’re joined by Rod Nichols of the Bexar County Bigfoot Research Project . Rod has been researching Bigfoot in and around San Antonio, Texas for a some time and has come across quite a bit of possible Bigfoot evidence. In addition to the Bigfoot findings, he may have also stumbled upon a Dogman trackway. Rod’s pictures of these tracks can be found in the book and documentary “The Texas Dogman Triangle.” You can follow Rod’s research through his Instagram page, Bear County Bigfoot.”

Information from this post was sourced from: https://sasquatchchronicles.com/

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