Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, has become a prominent figure in our popular culture, thanks to hit TV shows and increased national awareness. While mainstream scientists may still dismiss the existence of this bi-pedal hairy creature, a growing number of academics are conducting research that suggests the presence of an unknown primate lurking in remote areas. In fact, some even argue that Bigfoot could be the elusive “missing link” in our evolution. With hundreds of new sightings each year, along with compelling video and audio evidence, breakthroughs in DNA testing of hair and skin samples, and credible eyewitness testimonies, the evidence supporting the existence of Bigfoot continues to mount. It’s time to take this enigma seriously and delve deeper into the mysteries of Bigfoot.

Documentary Central writes “Bigfoot aka Sasquatch is now part of our popular culture with hit TV shows and national awareness of a bi-pedal hairy creature that roams the forests of North America. While mainstream scientists still discount the existence of Bigfoot, more and more academics are doing research that confirms there is indeed an unknown primate lurking in remote areas that may very well be the “missing link” in our evolution.

Now there are hundreds of new sightings each year as well as new video and audio evidence and breakthroughs with DNA tested hair and skin samples. The evidence abounds and more and more credible eyewitnesses are coming forward with often strange and terrifying experiences with the enigma known as Bigfoot.”

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