As a firm believer in the existence of Bigfoot, I find this audio recording to be incredibly compelling evidence. The fact that it was captured during a sasquatch research expedition in a remote area adds to its credibility. The researchers provide several reasons why they believe this vocalization could not have been made by a human, including the absence of any other people in the area and the lack of hiking trails or camps where the sound originated from. Additionally, the presence of other suspected sasquatch vocalizations in the past and multiple Class-A sightings in the surrounding area further support the idea that this could indeed be a genuine Bigfoot encounter. This audio recording is just another piece of the puzzle in our ongoing quest to prove the existence of this elusive creature.

StudySasquatch writes “This video contains a clip of the original audio recording as it happened and then just the vocalization looped three times.

During a sasquatch research expedition in the Washington Cascades (Area #3) in August, 2020, Kipp Morrill and Kirk Brandenburg were walking on a remote forest road at 2:30am, viewing with a thermal camera and recording audio when this vocalization came from the surrounding woods.

It’s entirely reasonable to suggest that the vocalization was made by a human, but this is why we suspect it was a sasquatch: a) ten minutes before this vocalization, a nearby camp with six researchers heard whoops, wood knocks, heavy movement and a large tree fell near them when there was no wind, b) we were in a very remote location, c) everyone in our group was accounted for and there was no evidence of any other people in the surrounding area, d) it was pitch black darkness and we saw no lights, e) there are no hiking trails or camps where the vocalization came from, f) we’ve heard and recorded other suspected sasquatch vocalizations at this location in the past and g) there have been multiple Class-A sasquatch sightings reported at this location and the nearby surrounding area over the past thirty years.”

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