Mysterious Encounters: Ohio's Bigfoot and a Startling Doppelgänger - Unveiling Sasquatch Chronicles

In this intriguing post, Victoria Rose shares her personal encounters with Bigfoot, spanning from the 1970s to the present day. As someone who takes the subject of Bigfoot seriously, it is refreshing to hear firsthand accounts that lend credibility to the existence of this elusive creature. Victoria also delves into other supernatural experiences, such as encountering a possible doppelgänger and even experiencing a vortex in the basement of a funeral home. These additional encounters only add to the mystery and intrigue surrounding the world of Bigfoot. For those who are fascinated by the unexplained and seek to explore the depths of the unknown, Victoria’s podcast, Tales From The Darkness, promises to be a captivating journey.

From The Shadows writes “Victoria Rose joins us from Ohio to share some possible Bigfoot experiences from the early 1970’s to the present day. She also tells us about seeing a possible doppelgänger and experiencing a vortex in the basement of a funeral home. You can find Victoria on Instagram at FireRose Studios and check out her podcast Tales From The Darkness.”

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