For those of us who believe in the existence of Bigfoot, the Sasquatch Archives is a treasure trove of information and evidence. The Western Bigfoot Society, founded by the late Ray Crowe, was a platform for serious researchers to come together and share their findings. Thanks to Larry Lund, we now have access to a fascinating presentation given by Peter Byrne, a renowned figure in the field of Bigfoot and Yeti research. This footage, captured in 1992, provides a glimpse into the life and experiences of someone dedicated to unraveling the mystery of these elusive creatures. As believers, we eagerly await the release of the remaining parts of this intriguing presentation.

The Sasquatch Archives writes “Ray Crowe (1931–2015), founder of the Western Bigfoot Society (WBS), used to hold monthly meetings for WBS. Thanks to Larry Lund, we have a presentation from the WBS given by Peter Byrne where he discusses many facets of his life involved with Bigfoot and Yeti research. This footage is from October 29, 1992 and is part 1 of 3.”

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