Marton Ranch Purchase: BLM's Determination Renewed

The Bureau of Land Management has renewed its determination to purchase the 35,669 acre Marton Ranch, located southwest of Casper, Wyoming. This decision comes after Governor Mark Gordon forced an additional review of the purchase last year, resulting in a supplemental environmental analysis that was made available for public review and comment. The governor’s efforts led to 351 individual comment submissions, with 44 of them being noted as substantial. In a statement, Governor Gordon thanked the agency for recognizing the need for additional public comment and analysis. The BLM’s decision of record and public comments are available on their e-planning website for those interested in learning more.

As a serious bigfoot researcher, I am always interested in news related to land purchases and environmental analyses. The Bureau of Land Management has renewed its 2022 determination to purchase the 35,669 acre Marton Ranch southwest of Casper, which is a promising development for those of us who believe that bigfoot may inhabit this area. Governor Mark Gordon’s efforts to put the purchase under public review resulted in a supplemental environmental analysis, which received 351 individual comment submissions. According to Governor Gordon, 44 of these comments were “noted as being substantial.” This shows that there is a significant level of public interest in this land purchase and its potential impact on the environment and any possible bigfoot sightings.

In conclusion, it is encouraging to see that the Bureau of Land Management is taking public comments and environmental analyses seriously when it comes to land purchases. As a bigfoot researcher, I believe that any land purchase in areas where there have been reported sightings or evidence of bigfoot activity should be thoroughly analyzed and reviewed. This will not only help protect the environment but also potentially provide more opportunities for researchers to investigate and study this elusive creature.

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