As a believer in Bigfoot, I take this post very seriously. The fact that Grassman58 captured audio of something walking around his camp and attempting to open his car doors is incredibly intriguing. It’s not uncommon for Bigfoot sightings to occur in areas where there is dense forest and little human activity, which makes Sasquatch Alley the perfect location for a potential encounter. The fact that Grassman58 has named this new spot Mosquito Hole suggests that he’s spent a considerable amount of time in the area, increasing the likelihood of a Bigfoot encounter. I can’t wait to hear more about Grassman58’s experience and hope that he continues to document any potential evidence of Bigfoot in the area.

Grassman58 writes “I spent the night in Sasquatch Alley camping at a new spot we call Mosquito Hole. Captured some audio of something walking around my camp and trying to open my car doors. Was it Sasquatch?”

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