As a believer in Bigfoot, I take sightings like this one very seriously. The fact that two witnesses saw the creature and described it as being 8 feet tall and walking upright is compelling evidence that Bigfoot exists. It’s not uncommon for sightings to occur near military bases, as these areas often have large expanses of wilderness where the creature could potentially live undisturbed. The fact that this sighting occurred in 1988 also adds credibility, as it was before the widespread use of Photoshop and other digital manipulation tools that could be used to fake evidence. I believe that Bigfoot is a real, undiscovered species and that we should continue to investigate sightings like this one in order to learn more about this elusive creature.

The Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization writes “Witness interview with a Veteran who had a Bigfoot sighting near Fort Hood in Texas. His buddy saw it as well. It was reddish-brown, about 8 foot and walked upright. Year: 1988; Time: Dusk.”

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