As a believer in Bigfoot, I find this interview with the trucker who saw a Sasquatch along the 115 corridor in 2009 to be incredibly compelling. It’s not often that we get firsthand accounts from people who have had such close encounters with these elusive creatures, and the fact that this trucker was able to see the Sasquatch just mere feet away is truly remarkable. I believe that there is ample evidence to suggest that Bigfoot is a real, living creature that inhabits our forests and wilderness areas, and I think that stories like this one only serve to reinforce that belief. While skeptics may dismiss these accounts as mere folklore or tall tales, those of us who take the subject seriously know that there is much more to the story than meets the eye.

Modern Explorer writes “In this interview Glenn speaks with a trucker who in 2009 at 3AM, saw a Sasquatch just mere feet away along the 115 corridor. After being eye-to-eye with a creature, he never thought he’d see, he shares his account.”

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