As a believer in Bigfoot, I find this post incredibly intriguing. It’s not often that researchers are able to communicate with these elusive creatures, so the fact that the Squatch Watchers were able to do so is truly remarkable. I also appreciate their efforts to incorporate paranormal technology into their research, as it may provide new insights into the connection between Bigfoot and other supernatural phenomena. The fact that the Bigfoot they communicated with was able to insult them through a spirit box only adds to the mystery and intrigue surrounding these creatures. I can’t wait to see what other discoveries the Squatch Watchers make in their ongoing research.

The Squatch Watchers writes “During a recent investigation, we find ourselves communicating with a Bigfoot in the dark wilderness! Implementing more paranormal tech and methods into our research to find the correlation between ghosts and Sasquatch, we find ourselves being cussed at and our mothers being insulted by a supernatural being on our spirit box!”

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