As a believer in Bigfoot, I take this listener’s account very seriously. The details of their experiences are consistent with what many other witnesses have reported over the years. The fact that they live in northern Arkansas, an area known for Bigfoot sightings, only adds to the credibility of their story. The multiple sightings, tracks, and other evidence they have found on their property suggest that there is indeed something unusual and unexplained happening there. The fact that they have also experienced mind speak and other paranormal phenomena only adds to the mystery. It is important that we take these reports seriously and continue to investigate and document these encounters in order to better understand the nature of this elusive creature.

A listener writes “We live in northern Arkansas at the foothills of the Ozarks. My husband and I started hunting this 80 acre property around 2003 or 2004. Can’t remember exact year. My husband found tracks but at the time didn’t really know what it was. My husband’s brother saw something big walking bi-pedal up the creek.

I had something massive growl at me. We had heard wood knocks. I heard loud thumps behind my stand quite often. I had something pacing back and forth behind my stand but it was getting too dark and woods are to thick to see. I would always get this ominous feeling out here. We had a gifting situation and at the time we didn’t know what was going on. We knew nothing about Sasquatch.

In 2015 we bought 40 of the 80 acres and started building a house. That’s when things ramped up. I found tracks in the front yard. Large handprints on the front window.

After we finished the house and moved in there was trees getting pushed over at night. Trees getting pushed over when I hunted. It seemed to take place around me. I heard mouth popping noises, rock clacks, and a howl behind me. I had something take a long deep breath beside me about 30 ft. Too thick to see and was getting dark.

We have heard numerous knocks. My husband heard a whoop. We have heard a few howls in the distance.
We had caught glimpses of things in the power line cuts. We saw something in the creek splashing the water.

But in June of 2021 my life turned upside down. It started on June 14th. It was a Monday. I went out to clean my pool. I was here alone. I was hearing this strange whistle. And it was getting closer.
I finished cleaning the pool and was laying on a pool mat and I was looking towards the NE part of our property. It opened up there and there is also a path that leads further into the woods. As I looked I could see what looked like a shoulder and part of a head sticking out of the bushes. I watched it a few minutes and it never moved. I decided to float over and get a drink of water and when I floated back it was gone. That evening my husband and I sat outside and we heard a very loud wood knock come from the woods in that general direction. Wednesday evening we heard another knock in the same area and then what sounded like a very deep and rough sneeze come from the opposite side of the house.

The next day was Thursday June 17th. I was going back out to clean the pool. As I was walking out I heard what sounded like a very deep buck grunt. I stopped and looked and I didn’t see anything. I turned on my radio but I never turn it on loud. I always listen to Christian music while I’m out there because it makes me feel better. I also take my 9 mm with me out there as well. I got in the pool and heard the grunt again. I still did not see anything. As I was cleaning I heard a limb crash and I heard what sounded like metal hit metal. My husband has a bunch of metal pipes back there in that open area. I was making my last sweep around the pool when I looked up and there was a Sasquatch standing about 40 yards away watching me.

I’m a firm believer in guardian angels. I’ve heard mind speak to me before and it saved me from being in a crash with my kids in the car with me. It also saved my daughter from getting crushed so when I heard her say this I listened. When I looked up and saw this creature I looked at it about 3-4 seconds and then the voice said Don’t look at it! So I turned my head back down towards the water like I didn’t see it. I started walking towards the ladder where my gun was but as I took a few steps forward I couldn’t see it because the roof of the carport and some pool mats was in the way.

The direction I was walking to get to the ladder was in its general direction. I couldn’t hear anything so I backed up a step and was looking and idk where it went. I knew I had to get out of the pool. I looked towards the ladder and that’s the last thing I remember until I was at the steps leading up to the driveway. I remember looking around and it was like I was in a fog. I honestly think I lost time. I ran into the house.

I’ve had 2 more sightings since. 1 while in the pool again but this time it was further away and another when I was sitting out front. It was almost in the same area as the first sighting but it was a different color.

The first one was about 7 1/2 feet tall. Its shoulders were about 4 ft wide. Its shoulders were massive. Its hair color was a reddish brown. I could see the muscles in the arms and chest. It tapered at the waist. I could see the right leg very well. The thigh muscles were huge. The sun was hitting the entire right side of this thing and I could see the hair hanging off the right arm and the wind was blowing it. The crazy thing is this creature had its hair pulled In front of its face. I could not see anything on its face. The entire body was covered in what appeared to be about 3 in long hair except the hair hanging off the arms which was about 6 inches. This thing looked well groomed. I did not see any dirt, twigs, leaves or anything in its hair.

I think I saw the same creature in 2022 across the field which is about 150 yards away in the woods watching me again. And the one watching when I was sitting out front was actually gray. Not white but gray. I looked over in that direction and I could see the head and shoulders then it went down like it was on an elevator. It was smaller than the reddish brown one. My husband went and looked when he got home. It was dark by that time and found what looked like a track. It was hard to tell because it’s in the leaves but something was definitely there.

I’ve see lights/ orbs at the window. We caught some kind of orb on camera. Paul had see lights/ orbs at the window.”

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