As a believer in Bigfoot, I take the subject very seriously. For too long, this mysterious creature has been dismissed as a myth or a hoax, but there are countless reports from credible witnesses that suggest otherwise. That’s why organizations like Squatch America are so important – they approach the subject with a scientific mindset and a commitment to investigating every report thoroughly. It’s not about sensationalizing the topic or trying to create a TV show, it’s about gathering data and evidence that could help us better understand this elusive creature. I appreciate the dedication and professionalism of groups like Squatch America, and I hope that their work will one day lead to a greater understanding of Bigfoot and its place in our world.

Squatch America writes “Real Reports, Real Investigations, Real Science. We take your reports seriously and go out armed with science to investigate. No TV crews, no ridiculous whooping, no “what was that” at every turn. Yes, there is a Squatch in these woods, but not every rustle, knock, and tree breaks come from one. It took me 25 years to have my first encounter and I will be lucky to have another. With your reports, though, I might get lucky because every data point counts.”

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