As a believer in Bigfoot, I am thrilled to see a documentary exploring the mystery of this elusive creature. For too long, skeptics have dismissed the countless sightings and evidence as mere hoaxes or misidentifications. However, the fact that sightings of Bigfoot have been reported throughout history and across different cultures cannot be ignored. I am excited to see how this documentary delves into the history of Bigfoot sightings in Georgia and the surrounding states, and I am eager to learn more about the research and evidence that supports the existence of this fascinating creature. With Jeffrey Wells as our guide, I am confident that this documentary will provide valuable insights into the Bigfoot mystery.

J. Horton writes “Based on the book of the same name, the documentary Bigfoot in Georgia explores the Bigfoot mystery throughout history, focusing on Georgia and the surrounding states. Our guide is Jeffery Wells, a 10th-generation Georgian author and academic.”.

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