As a believer in Bigfoot, I am thrilled to hear about the upcoming Nicola Valley Bigfoot Conference. It is heartening to see historians, researchers, and enthusiasts come together to share their stories and experiences of encountering the elusive creature. The fact that the conference is not meant to prove the existence of Bigfoot but to provide a safe space for those who have seen it is a refreshing change from the usual skepticism and ridicule that believers face. It is also interesting to note that the Nicola Valley in British Columbia has a reputation for Bigfoot sightings, which makes it an ideal location for such an event. I hope that this conference will encourage more people to come forward with their encounters and contribute to the growing body of evidence that supports the existence of Bigfoot.

The CBC reports “The Nicola Valley Bigfoot Conference on May 13 will feature historians, researchers and enthusiasts in the community who say they have come across the elusive creature.

Sheldon Quewezance, co-ordinator of the event and host of the Nicola Valley Bigfoot podcast, says the Nicola Valley is known for its legends and sightings of Bigfoot, a large, ape-like creature.

He says he created the event to bring people together who say they may have come across the giants in B.C.’s Interior.

“I really didn’t expect to go down this rabbit hole, but the community is very, very overwhelmingly supportive [of the event],” he said.

Quewezance says the conference is not meant to prove the existence of Bigfoot, but to be a safe space for people who say they’ve seen the creature.

“[It’s a] place for everyone to kind of come together and … share their stories with others who aren’t going to judge them or tell them they’re crazy.”

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Quewezance says no one else seemed intrigued by the idea of a human-like creature strolling through the forest.

“In Saskatchewan, sasquatch really wasn’t talked about much … it’s all flat lands … and there’s not really many forests to be seen,” he said, adding that all changed when he moved to B.C. in 2003.

“I started seeing more people talk about it. It’s not really that much of a taboo subject [here].”

When he came to Merritt, a city in the Nicola Valley, an area in the southern Interior region of B.C., Quewezance says he heard stories of countless Bigfoot sightings.

This inspired him and some friends to start their own search for the creature.

“We thought … maybe we can find something. And we did.”

In 2018, Quewezance, his brother, and two friends were sitting in a truck in the woods. He says it was a new moon that evening, so there was little natural light in the area.

“I was shining my flashlight along the treeline … and I caught a glimpse of something,” he said, adding at first he assumed it was a cougar from the glowing amber eyes.

“I focused the [flashlight] beam closer and there was a thing standing there … It was black … It was peeking from behind the tree and I could see its hand wrapped around the tree.”

Quewezance says the creature then disappeared without a sound the moment the group looked away.”

Admission to the event is $30 and tickets are available for pre-order at See the full article.

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