Pittsburgh Magazine: Collier's Weekly Advises Slowing Down to Spot Bigfoot and Groundhogs

In a world where we are constantly rushing from one task to the next, it’s easy to forget the value of taking our time. In this blog post, we follow the author on a scenic drive to a stand-up gig and discover the joy of slowing down and enjoying the journey. From spotting a life-size wooden Bigfoot on the roadside to stopping at a charming family restaurant in Punxsutawney, the author reminds us that taking our time can lead to unexpected and delightful experiences. So next time you’re tempted to rush through your day, remember the lesson of Bigfoot and take a moment to enjoy the journey.

As a serious researcher of Bigfoot, I have come to realize that taking one’s time is crucial in spotting the elusive creature. Rushing from one place to another, as many of us are wont to do, does not allow for the necessary attention to detail that is required in this field. Even when driving to a stand-up gig in DuBois, taking the scenic route can lead to unexpected sightings, such as the life-size wooden silhouette of Bigfoot that I came across near Marion Center. As the author of the original article notes, “You don’t get that on 80.”

It is not just in Bigfoot research that taking one’s time is important. In all aspects of life, we should be more willing to slow down and enjoy the journey rather than just rushing to reach our destination. This includes dining experiences, where unhurried service and a relaxed atmosphere can make all the difference. As the author discovered at Punxy Phil’s ’Cakes & Steaks, taking the time to enjoy a meal can be a truly enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, whether we are searching for Bigfoot or simply going about our daily lives, taking our time can lead to unexpected discoveries and a more fulfilling experience overall. As the saying goes, “life is a journey, not a destination.”

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