As a firm believer in the existence of Bigfoot, I am thrilled to see events like the Colorado Bigfoot Conference taking place. It is important to bring together individuals who have had sightings and experiences with these creatures, as well as those who are skeptical but open-minded. The featured speakers, Jim Myers and Jason Franks, are sure to provide fascinating insights and firsthand accounts that will leave attendees with a deeper understanding of Bigfoot.

The fact that each attendee will receive a ticket for a drawing is just icing on the cake. It shows that the organizers are committed to providing a fun and engaging experience for everyone, while also educating them about this mysterious creature. I encourage anyone who is interested in Bigfoot to attend this conference and join in the conversation about one of the most elusive creatures on earth.

The Colorado Bigfoot Conference writes “Join Bigfoot believers and enthusiasts (and even skeptics) as we share stories and sightings of the most elusive creatures on this earth….Bigfoot. Featured speakers Jim Myers, from Sasquatch Outpost, Bailey, CO and Jason Franks. You’ll hear first hand accounts of actual sightings & interactions with these creatures.

Each person attending will receive a ticket for a drawing during the event. The drawing will include items such as CDs, books, and a figurine of an adult and juvenile Bigfoot.

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Pay at the door.”

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