Attempted robbery targets five Java coffee stands of Bigfoot -

A string of robberies at Bigfoot Java coffee stands in King and Pierce counties has left investigators trying to determine if the incidents are connected. Five stands were targeted overnight Thursday into Friday morning, with two attempted robberies in Puyallup and successful robberies in Sumner and SeaTac. Descriptions of the suspects and their vehicles have been released by police, but no injuries have been reported. In other news, Seattle experienced a shooting outside an Arco gas station in the Licton Springs neighborhood, leaving three people injured, and a man was shot and killed outside an apartment complex in Kent. Olympia Police are also warning residents about an uptick in vehicle prowlers and vandalisms.

As a serious Bigfoot researcher, it is concerning to hear about the recent robberies at five Bigfoot Java coffee stands in King and Pierce counties. The fact that these incidents occurred overnight and involved multiple suspects raises questions about their connection. “It’s possible that these are all related, but we don’t know for sure yet,” said a spokesperson for the Puyallup Police Department.

The descriptions of the suspects vary, but it is clear that they were targeting these coffee stands for cash. In some cases, they implied they had a weapon, which is alarming. It’s fortunate that no injuries have been reported, but it’s important for law enforcement to catch these suspects before they escalate their criminal behavior.

In addition to the Bigfoot Java robberies, there have been other crimes in the area, including a shooting outside an Arco gas station in Seattle and a fatal shooting at an apartment complex in Kent. It’s a reminder that crime can happen anywhere, and it’s important to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police.

In conclusion, as a Bigfoot researcher, I hope that law enforcement can quickly apprehend the suspects involved in these crimes. It’s important for the safety of the community and for the reputation of Bigfoot, which is often associated with myths and legends. We must remember that Bigfoot is not a criminal, but rather a fascinating subject of study.

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