As a believer in Bigfoot, I find this album incredibly fascinating. The fact that these sounds were recorded in 1972, before the famous Sierra Sounds, only adds to their authenticity in my eyes. The description on the back of the album jacket is also intriguing, as it speaks to the ongoing investigation of Bigfoot phenomena in the area and the rarity of sightings. It’s clear that there is still so much we don’t know about this elusive creature, and recordings like these only add to the mystery. I can’t wait to listen to Side B and see what other sounds were captured on this rare record.

This album from 1975 predates the Bigfoot Recordings/Sierra Sounds by many years. Journalist Al Berry and Warren Johnson produced this ultra-rare record. Until now, few people will have even known about this album—that’s just how rare it is.

This video displays Side A of the album. Also look for Side B on this channel.

From the back of the album jacket:

“These remarkable sounds, publicly presented here for the first time ever, originally were recorded under darkness October 21, 1972, from within a coarse deadwood shelter located in a remote region of the middle High Sierra. They occurred during what was otherwise a routine investigation of Bigfoot phenomena in the area, including the appearance of five-toed footprints ranging in length from 11 to 21 inches. Similar sounds have been heard and recorded in this area on numerous occasions over a period of four years, yet sightings of their “creature” source have been rare and their exact origin and nature remains scientifically unexplained.”

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