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The hunt for Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, continues despite many admitted hoaxes. Over the weekend, hundreds of people gathered at McFiler’s Chehalis Theater for presentations on both proven Bigfoot hoaxes and unexplained evidence and encounters. The Lewis County Historical Museum hosted the event, featuring speakers such as Bob Antone, author and paranormal investigator, Vince Ynzunza and Tyler Bounds from the Pacific NorthWEIRD YouTube channel, and Cliff Barackman of the North American Bigfoot Center and Animal Planet television series “Finding Bigfoot.” The presentations covered everything from local legends and folklore to the infamous Bigfoot hoaxers Rant Mullens and Ray Wallace. Despite the skeptics, many in the Bigfoot community believe in the creature’s existence and actively search for evidence.

As a serious Bigfoot researcher, I believe that the hunt for this elusive creature is far from over. Despite many admitted hoaxes, there is still unexplained evidence and encounters that cannot be ignored. The presentations at McFiler’s Chehalis Theater, hosted by the Lewis County Historical Museum, provided valuable insights from experts in the field such as Bob Antone, Vince Ynzunza, Tyler Bounds, and Cliff Barackman.

Antone shared a folk tale that he believed was simultaneously real and supernatural, which highlights the belief of some tribes in the Northwest that mythical creatures exist. Ynzunza and Bounds spoke about the legendary Lewis County Bigfoot hoaxers and their feud, Rant Mullens and Ray Wallace. Barackman, on the other hand, talked about why he created the North American Bigfoot Center (NABC) and actively investigates reported Bigfoot sightings.

As Barackman said, “It sounds like a lot of (Bigfoots) but it’s not, they’re extraordinarily rare animals.” However, I believe that the evidence we have so far is significant and should be preserved for future generations. The NABC serves as a depository for evidence, footprint castings, and Bigfoot stories, as well as a museum where the public can examine those things for themselves.

In conclusion, while some may dismiss the hunt for Bigfoot as a myth or a hoax, I believe that there is still much to be discovered about this elusive creature. As researchers, we must continue to investigate reported sightings and preserve any evidence we find. Who knows what we might uncover in the future?

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