The opioid epidemic continues to ravage communities across the United States, and the small town of Saratoga, Wyoming is no exception. On February 3rd, 2023, two residents of Saratoga, Richard Heap and Cassidee Wingo, tragically lost their lives after ingesting fentanyl-laced cocaine allegedly supplied by Max Schneider, a co-worker of Wingo’s. Schneider was arrested and charged with two counts of Manslaughter and one count of Delivery of a Controlled Substance. Despite the severity of the charges, Schneider was released on bond after his parents paid $3,000 and signed a bond deed. As the case moves forward, it raises questions about the justice system’s handling of drug-related crimes and the devastating impact of the opioid crisis on small communities.

As a serious bigfoot researcher, it is important to keep up with all news in the areas where sightings have been reported. However, sometimes the news can be disturbing, such as the recent case in Saratoga, Wyoming. Max Schneider, a 23-year-old man, has been accused of supplying deadly fentanyl-laced cocaine to two Saratoga residents who died from an overdose. According to court documents, Schneider allegedly found a small baggie of white powder in the bathroom of the restaurant he worked at and later gave it to his co-worker, Cassidee Wingo. Wingo and Richard Heap were found dead the next morning. This tragic incident highlights the dangers of drug use and the importance of being vigilant in our communities.

In a disturbing turn of events, court documents from Schneider’s indictment reveal that a third person died from allegedly consuming drugs from the same batch that killed Heap and Wingo. An unidentified Hanna man was found dead on February 13th from a fentanyl overdose. He was allegedly the source of the drugs. This information is deeply concerning and underscores the need for increased awareness and education about the dangers of drug use.

As serious researchers, it is important to remember that our communities are not immune to these types of tragedies. We must remain vigilant and work together to promote safety and well-being for all. As Bigfoot99 reports, Schneider’s case will continue to unfold in the coming months, and we can only hope that justice will be served for those who lost their lives in this tragic incident.

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