Compelling Bigfoot Encounter in Texas: Whooping Calls and Deep Growls Heard

As a professional cryptozoologist and believer in Bigfoot, I find this report from Montague County, Texas to be incredibly compelling. The witness reported hearing whooping calls that were identical to the Sierra Sounds, which have been attributed to Bigfoot. The witness also heard growling and movement, which could be further evidence of Bigfoot’s presence.

The witness’s father provided even more details about the encounter, including the fact that the whooping lasted for over an hour and concluded with a powerful, deep growl that he could feel in his gut. The father estimated that the creature was no more than 30 yards away, which is incredibly close. This encounter shook him so much that he drew his .44 magnum revolver wondering what might happen next.

Other members of the family who hunt on this lease have also reported occurrences that they could not explain, including a portable blind that was found up in a tree and a permanent fixed ground blind that was tipped over. These occurrences could be further evidence of Bigfoot’s presence in the area.

As a retired USAF pilot and avid hunter, I find this report to be incredibly credible. The witnesses were sincere and forthcoming in describing their encounter, and the details they provided are consistent with other reports of Bigfoot sightings and vocalizations. This report is further evidence that Bigfoot may be real and living in our forests.

You can read the full report here:

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